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I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.

Hawking Class

It's here... The Summer Term!

Wow, this year has thrown a lot at us - but Hawking have grown into the strongest, proudest team around. We have built new friendships, been inspired by one another and have given all we've got to everything that's come our way! 


This term will be filled allsorts of wonderful things - Sports day, Trips canoeing or to the high-ropes, celebrations and so, so much more! 


Our Class topic is 1066, please find our knowledge orgnaiser attached to this page. We will continue with our weekly spellings, which will be sent home along with some topic based tasks you may like to try out! 



1066 Knowledge Organiser

Term 5 - Welcome to the penultimate term!


I wonder how many of us are wondering how we got here?! Where has the time gone? Well, here we are - Term 5! We have a fantastic topic this term 'Urban Pioneers!' We will be looking into what a city is - starting with Salisbury (of course). The children have been sent home with some home learning linked to our topic - feel free to choose something listed and have a go over the holidays! 


Please have a look at our knowledge organiser which is attached below. 

Term 5 Knowledge Organiser

Welcoming in Term 4 with MAD SCIENCE!

Children's Mental Health Week! 


This week is Children's mental health week. In Hawking class, we have talked about what mental health is, who it affects and how we can support ourselves and each other. We have introduced a worry post system in our class where the children can write down worries or questions on a post card, pop it in the worry box and I will respond by posting them a letter back in their draw. We spend an afternoon writing down our worries before screwing them up, telling them that we are bigger and better than our worries before throwing them away! It felt really good! Why not spend some time at home this week talking to your children and creating a worry box of your own? 





Well, I don't know about you, but I cannot believe we are already in Term 3. I know it must be said every term but it really feels like the year is just flying by at lightening speed! I hope that Christmas was enjoyed by everyone and lots of rest was had. 


Our topic this term is 'Playlist' - it is a music heavy topic in which we will be discovering all varieties of music, writing about it, creating art work linked to it and even composing our own tunes! 

We have started the term with a PSHE lesson in which we talked about how to be resposnsible learners. The children explored their own styles of learning and then worked in small groups to create a short sketch to demonstrate ways in which we can take responisibilty in school. The children have all come back with really happy, positive attitudes - so long may it continue! 


We will continue to set weekly spellings and the children will be tested on these each Friday. They will recive their first set on the first Monday back. The childen are all given a copy for their reading records and one for their spelling book. They will practice these every day at school as well as have the opportunity to do so at home. 


In addition to the maths support QR codes in the childrens reading records, they now have logins to TT Rockstars. This is another programme enocuraging the children to learn their tables! Login in together and have some fun! 


Watch this space for updates on our activities throughout the term. 


Happy New Year, Mrs Howell and the Hawking Team. 

Knowledge Organiser PLAYLIST

Welcome to Term 2! Our topic this term is 'The Blue Abyss' and to kick start, we had a spectacular afternoon with Mrs Grant who came to teach us all about her experiences as a diver!

Knowledge - Blue Abyss!

Pictures from our Viking Trip!

Welcome to Hawking Class - 2021 - 2022


Happy September everyone! 

Well, there may have been a serious lack of sunshine over the Summer Holidays but it seems that September is going to be a hot one! 


On behalf of Mrs Jones and myself, I would like to express how excited we are to start a new year back in class. Things are a little more 'back to normal' which is great and has allowed us to kick start the year with a fantastic trip to The Ancient Technology Centre. It was superb! The children did us all proud and it was such a postive experience, setting the standards for the year to come. 


On Mondays, your child will stick a copy of their spellings into their reading record and these will be tested on a Friday. Also inside their reading record, you will find 3 QR codes, which if followed, will take you to a series of times table games and practice sites. Please use these as much as you can as we now test times table knowledge in June. Alongside this, please make sure your child is reading as frequently as they can, whether that be alone, to an adult or sibling or to a crowd (who knows?!) When they do just pop a note or a squiggle into their reading records. 


P.E will be on Tuesday (indoor) and a Friday (outdoor) so please send your children in the appropriate attire for these sessions. 


It is going to be a wonderful year, filled with lots of lovely learning, plenty of fun, new experiences and adventures! 


If you ever have any worries or concerns please feel free to email us or catch us at the end of the day. 


Cheers to the year ahead! 

Mrs Howell. 

Covid 19 - Home learning ideas 2021-2022 Please use the Maths below to revise if you are off school due to covid reasons. Please also take some time to look at our Knowledge organsier and do some research based on our topic!

Knowledge Organiser - Traders and Raiders!

Hawking 2019 - 2020

Stargazers - Fun Facts!

Writing tips from Samuel J Halpin

After gifting the school a class set of the not-yet-available-in-shops "Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods," Samuel J Halpin has gone one step further and sent the children of Shrewton Primary some top tips for writing! Excellent ideas, these tools for writing are all the more powerful as they come from a professional writer!

Not available in stores... yet!

Shrewton ahead of the game!

Alchemy Island awaits your arrival in September!

What is the topic 'Alchemy Island' all about?

We're all going to... Alchemy Island. Check out the recommended book list, fun home activities ideas and explanatory letter!

2018 Spelling Bee Champion Crowned!

Bones on a beach


Under the transparent sky, the evily stained bones of a sluggish creature lay.

In the dark, I screamed “Are you plotting some murder?”


It had teeth as sharp as razors, a tail as old as the 9000s and an evil, toothy grin.

“Do you still slumber?” I quaveringly questioned.


Like a swift sword, the great sinkhole has been destroying it for years.

“What are those spears from?” I questioned anxiously.


As I studied the bones, I found a stinking lump of flesh.


By William A


Powerful writing coming to fruit!

There's still time! Go and buy the first book published by Kestrel!

Why not read the journey tale your child has been learning in class?


From this basic shape of journey tale, Kestrel have innovated countless other tales which take you to distant lands.

But this is where it started. 


Long ago, an unlucky farmer lived by the curved, muddy shores of the Nile (where you should be able to grow anything!) However, every crop he planted died. When he planted corn, merciless floods would wash it away. If he planted barley it would wilt, wither and perish under the arid sun before his tear-filled eyes. Planting wheat in the thick, black soil, he would wait and watch before… locusts would swoop down like a hungry cloud; devouring every grain.


One day, surrounded by lifeless pomegranates, the unlucky farmer sank to his lumpy knees (digging his fingers into the dusty soil) and yelled “Why am I so unlucky and what can be done about it?” Swiftly deciding he needed answers, the unlucky farmer leapt into his small burgundy boat and headed off downstream looking for somebody wise.


Unfortunately, around the next meander the unlucky farmer met a gargantuan, sly crocodile relaxing in the Nile’s cool water. “He looks wise,” thought the unlucky farmer. “Why am I so unlucky and what can be done about it?” questioned the farmer quaveringly. With a slow, lazy voice the crocodile replied “That I don’t know, but if you find somebody wiser than me do ask them why I am always hungry and what can be done about it.” Hurriedly paddling away, the unlucky farmer promised he would (although he secretly wasn’t hopeful of finding an answer). Further downstream – where a tributary joined the Nile – the unlucky farmer spotted a towering palm tree with one withered branch. “He looks wise,” thought the unlucky farmer. “Why am I so unlucky and what can be done about it?” questioned the farmer boldly. With a deep, woody voice the palm tree replied “That I don’t know, but if you find somebody wiser than me do ask them why my branch is withering and what can be done about it.” Hurriedly paddling away, the unlucky farmer promised he would (although he secretly wasn’t hopeful of finding an answer). Later that day, he spotted a gorgeous young woman weeping bitterly on the West bank of the Nile. “She looks wise,” thought the unlucky farmer. “Why am I so unlucky and what can be done about it?” questioned the farmer quietly. With a tearful voice the woman replied “That I don’t know, but if you find somebody wiser than me do ask them why I am so terribly lonely and what can be done about it.” Sadly paddling away, the unlucky farmer promised he would (although he secretly wasn’t hopeful of finding an answer). Finally, at the Nile delta the unlucky farmer spotted Anuket (goddess of the Nile). “She looks wise,” thought the unlucky farmer. “Why am I so unlucky and what can be done about it?” questioned the farmer respectfully.


Luckily, with a beautiful, kind voice Anuket replied “That I do know. You are not unlucky, your fortune is out there. Go and find it!” Before he left, Anuket answered all his questions. Struggling back upstream, the unlucky farmer shouted his thanks as he left. Hours later, he arrived at the gorgeous, weeping woman and spluttered “I know why you feel so terribly lonely. You should marry. Ask the first handsome man you see to marry you.”

“You look handsome. Won’t you marry me?” pleaded the weeping woman.

“Sorry, my fortune is out there, I must go,” replied the farmer as he paddled away. Hours later, he arrived at the towering palm tree and spluttered “I know why your branch is dying. Tangled amongst your roots, a treasure chest is buried. Ask the first strong man you see to dig it up and your branch will recover.”

“You look strong. Won’t you dig up the treasure?” pleaded the palm tree.

“Sorry, my fortune is out there, I must go,” replied the farmer as he paddled away. Hours later, he arrived at the gargantuan, sly crocodile and spluttered “I know why you’re always hungry. You should eat. The first tasty man you see… eat him!”

“You look tasty,” answered the crocodile. So he did.


In the end, Anuket shook her head in disbelief.

Dear Parents and guardians,

Happy New Year and welcome to our new term which will focus on rivers and mountains. Before going any further, I must thank all the wonderful, kind families that were so generous to me at Christmas. Your cards, gifts and warm words were most thankfully received.


Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday and can be handed in any time up until the Thursday (the earlier the better!) In the homework you will find the spelling test that your child has taken on the Friday and you should be able to celebrate their 100% success in this. Please also remember to read each day and sign the reading record.


In maths this term we delve further into multiplication and division. Those who have not learnt their times tables and really beginning to suffer! Please do make every effort to reinforce this skill at home by learning times tables. Consider that after multiplication and division we will move onto fractions which again rely on that times table knowledge.


In science we will be investigating sound and electricity, so would welcome any old margarine pots (or similar container) with which to make simple stringed instruments. Or indeed you may work in this field of science and be keen to come and give a class talk. On that subject, we always welcome volunteers who wish to come and hear readers, help with times tables or can offer some other sort of assistance. Just let me know.


Swimming has sadly come to an end and as a result PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays this term. Also, Mrs Anderson will be taking the class on Wednesday afternoons for French and RE.


As ever, should you have any questions, queries, suggestions or just need to pass on some information, Kestrels door is always open and I’m around after school most days. Do come can talk should you feel the need.


Kind regards,


Mr Halton

Spring Term Topic - Mountains and Rivers!

Welcome back to a new school year. It is lovely to have joined Kestrel class. We will be learning all about the Romans this term and in science we will be studying states of matter. What do you already know?


Firstly, homework will be given on a Friday with a hand in deadline of the Thursday. Please remember to read every day and record this in your reading record. Spellings will be tested weekly and every child is given their spelling scores to take home on a Friday. 


Finally, if you have any questions, thoughts or just need to let me know something important, do come and find me after school.


Kind regards,


Mr Halton

Kestrel Class Showcase