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I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.

Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Kestrel Class!


We are excited to start our new summer term in Kestrel Class, we are eager and ready to learn as always!


This term our topic is The Olympics - We are concentrating on learning abut our bodies, as well as modern and ancient olympics, traditions, and many different athletes that take part. 

Keep checking back to see what we have been doing.

We are going to have sooooo much fun!!!


Mrs Shinn

Kestrel Class Teacher

Topic Web for Term 3

Bug Hunting!


Plant Sale

Thank you to everybody who bought a plant at our class plant sale. We are very pleased to tell you that from our hard work, planting,watering and growing we have raised £37.50 towards our class treat.

Rhys - The School Games Poetry Winner!! We are so proud of you!!

Rhys has won the School Games Poetry Competition. 

His winning poem was picked from over 150 entries and he was lucky enough to receive his prize from the CEO of the School games in our Celebration Assembly.

He has won £50 worth of book vouchers for himself as well as £100 of book vouchers for the school. His winning entry will also feature in the Relay magazine which is distributed around many schools.

Well done Rhys - We are so proud of you.

Practicing for Sports Day - Throwing

Celebration Assembly

Maths on Computers - Our favourite!!

Checking on our teeth - Have we got canines, molars or incisors?

Easter Egg Hunt

Still image for this video
Follow the clues to pick up your treats

Another clue ....

Still image for this video

Investigating seed dispersal!

Kestrel Class planting our flowers and vegetables for our enterprise plan! Details to follow shortly....

Street Dance

This term we are learning about Street Dance!

We are excited and have been showing Mrs Shinn & Tom from PH Sports our moves. Keep checking back as we hope to record our routines.

Homework Projects - Design a Pirate Ship

Persuasive Writing WB: 22.2.16

Orienteering - Map Reading Skills

Performing in assembly

Music - Pirate composition

Scratch - Computer Programming

We programmed vehicles and made a track so that they could move around. We had to program the vehicles so that they would go left, right, forward and backwards by a tapping different keys on the keyboard. We also added music and graphics. The year 6s came to tell us how to do it and helped us throughout the lesson.

We made a pirate ship game where you had to move between islands without hitting cannons.

I really liked programming and using scratch.

Jake T - Year 4




"We have been looking at play scripts. Last week we set the scene using descriptive language and looked at stage directions.

Now we are writing our own play scripts about Pirates. I love doing this because I like acting and writing plays."

Tori Year 4


Electricity - Making circuits

We are enjoying testing different circuits and seeing what happens to the bulb or motor if we change different components.


Rugby - January 2016

December - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...



Merry Christmas from Kestrel Class

Visiting the local Pig Farm in Shrewton on Wednesday 9th December was a fantastic way for Kestrel class to finish off their "Scrumdiddlyumptious" topic.

A big thank-you to Mr Storer who allowed us to come to his place of work and talk so enthusiastically about the animals, and answer all of our questions from our bag of tricky questions!

Every single child enjoyed themselves and we all especially liked holding a piglet!

We have been learning about Farms and what animals can produce so this was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children to know that bacon, sausages etc do not just appear in the supermarket!

An excellent afternoon had by all! 




Welcome back to Kestrel Class and our continued topic of Scrumdiddlyumptious. We have finished our Fairtrade adventure and our new topic under the same umbrella is "On the Farm.."

We are looking at the animals on a farm and the foods that they provide us with. 

We have already started by sketching farm animals, and designing our own farms.


Keep checking back as we approach my personal favourite time of year...... Christmas!!


Mrs Shinn

3D shapes and designing and making nets

Sewing Farm animal badges!

Forces & Magnets

Stories set in familiar places

Science Experiment - Solids, Liquids & Gases: Goo to slime!!!

We have been learning about E-Safety.

We have specifically been thinking about Photographs on the internet.

We discussed all the things that we thought could be a threat to our safety, then we looked online and made posters to help others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Capacity - Water Everywhere!!

Year 3-4 Football Tournament