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I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.

Einstein Class

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Who Lives in a Rockpool?

Summer Timetable

Timetable Spring 1

What happens when I sleep at night?

Home Learning Phonics and Maths resources:



Our Autumn Walk!

Autumn 2 Timetable

Term 1 - Will you read me a story?

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Who lives in a rock pool?

Term 6 Timetable

Army Police Van Visit

Tractor Visit

Army Truck Visit

Motorbike visit

This term's topic...

Summer 1 Timetable

Autumn Walk!


First week of school!

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Phonics and Reading in Early Years at Shrewton

World Book Day 2020

St David's Day daffodils and Welsh cakes

Understanding and enjoying Shrove Tuesday

Term 3 highlights

Thank you to our Hawking Book Buddies!

Back to School Week - parents as partners in our learning experiences

Term 3 topic letter to families

After sharing the Gruffalo’s Child story this afternoon, we had an amazing discussion about what we think happens when we fall asleep. And so we have decided that we would like to learn more about space and night-time this term.

Some of the questions we had are:

  • How does the sky change? Why does it go black? Why are there stars in the sky, and what are the stories about the patterns that they make? Does everyone go to bed at the same time, and where do they sleep? What are all the planets called and what are they like?

To help us answer our questions, we will be learning about people and services that work at night; nocturnal animals; the planets in the sky; how good bedtime routines help us to be healthy; snuggling up in our comfy cushions to listen to bedtime stories; and then creating our own star patterns at the end of term to share with you.

Salisbury Cathedral - December 2019

Our wonderful nativity - Everyone Loves a Baby!

Our first class trip! Pumpkin picking at Fordingbridge's Pumpkin Pastures

Real Life Superheroes! Thank you to Tina and Juliet from Wiltshire Police for visiting Einstein and Dahl classes today, helping us to learn about people in our community who can help us.

Shape Detectives ~ What shapes can we find at school?

Whole year reading challenge

Fee Fi Fo Fum! There is lots of investigating to be done!

The mysterious bag of golden beans from Friday have sprouted over the weekend!

What do you think happened? 

What do you think might be at the top of the beanstalk?

Can you see a giant's door or a castle in the clouds like we can?

Who might live up there in the clouds?
Would you climb up the beanstalk? 


We have made links to the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we will be talking about the questions above, as well as exploring our understanding of early number through careful counting of magic beans this week. 

Snapshots of our independent learning time

Autumn term 2019 

A warm welcome to all our new friends in Einstein Class! 







Thank you all for coming, and have a super summer, Hawk Class Families!

Spring Term 2019


We have had a busy and exciting start to this term, beginning with a Dinosaur Museum experience to start our topic. Look below to see all the learning we have enjoyed so far this year.

Dinosaur Museum Day!

Our Cosy and Welcoming Reflection Corner


We love to spend time here, quietly chatting with a friend or on just our own. Sometimes we use the glass pebbles that kind Reverend Eleanor gave us, to think and reflect about how we are using the Christian values to help both ourselves and others. On Thursday class Collective Worship, we are delighted when 'Reverend Freddie Fisher' and his fluffly cat, 'Puddles', join us with a Bible story.



We learnt so much in our Christingle workshop and can now explain what each part of a Christingle represents. In the whole school Christingle service, we were in awe at the powerful mood created by the lighted candles, reflectivness, readings and shared prayer.

Rainbow Challenges 


Children in our Reception year, are enjoying the challenge of accessing all areas of the EYFS curriculum, in their daily Maths and English sessions. There is a different coloured lollipop stick for completing each challenge. Once a rainbow of lollipop sticks have been collected, each child receives a Rainbow Challenge certificate in Fridays whole school praise assembly.


Maths - Problem Solving

Children in Reception are enjoying finding different ways to work out what to do next when they have a problem. This can include getting sellotape from another area when glue sticks are not strong enough, asking a friend for help or being willing to have a 'can do' attitude and try another way.


Problem solving skills are important both in our child and adulthood. Children in Hawk class are showing they are creative thinkers and have perseverance.


Children in Y1 have been developing their problem solving skills in maths, by working hard to explain different ways to find an answer. They have also been concentrating on explaining their reasoning, why and why not, rather than just aiming only for the answer. They have enjoyed this challenge and now feel successful that they can reason why, explain and prove why they are correct or not, as well as knowing what to do next.

Designing Dinosaurs 

We Are Artists 

We have been learning about the work of Kandinsky and Van Gogh. We carefully explored mixing different shades of paint or trying different combinations of bright paint. We reflected on our art as we painted and when we had finished, giving each other two stars and a wish.

More photos coming soon!

Welcome to Autumn 2018 in Hawk class!


We have had an exciting and busy start to our learning this year. All the new Reception children have settled in well and the Y1 children are taking on more responsible roles with their learning and more generally, with in the school.


Please scroll down to see our learning experiences and achievements so far.


Do You Want To Be Friends?


This is our first topic. It has provided opportunities to develop good friendships across the school, learn about ourselves, each other as we settle into school routines and expectations.

EYFS English and Maths


Children in the Reception year have been learning English and maths skills through free learning, through the continuous provision, as well as direct teaching in small adult led groups.

We provide a range of learning experiences based on children's interests and attainment so far.

Children are encouraged to explore independently or learn through adult modelling and questioning. We celebrate and support children to be curious, confident, creative and active learners.



Y1 English and Maths



Y1 children loved reading and writing about 'Dogger'. They are very proud of creating their own stories and writing them independently. Y1 children are good at saying what they do well and looking for their next steps to improve their writing too.



Y1 children are still enjoying learning maths through practical as well as more formal written methods. They are enjoying being challenged including explaining why an answer is correct, how they worked it out, if there is another way to work it out and how it may link to another part of the maths curriculum.

This deepens children's learning and provides them with a secure maths understanding and skill set. This foundation provides a stronger foundation for their subsequent learning.

Amazing Autumn


We are exploring whether it is autumn yet by using our senses to look for autumnal signs. We have used art as a way of expressing what we found out. We enjoyed developing our skills in representation using colour, line and texture. We are very proud of our art work.

Welcome to the summer term!


Please click on the links below for information about our topic this term and other important things you may need to know.

As we are being so lucky with the weather, please ensure your child has a refillable water bottle in school everyday and also a rain coat, just incase we have an 'English' summer!


Our class page will soon be updated with photos to show the wide range of indoor and outdoor learning we enjoy in Hawk class.



 Assembly and Showcase.

Thank you for celebrating the end of term with us in our class assembly and showcase.

Hawk class children have written an information leaflet all about their class. This is the leaflet in their words.

The photos below were taken by children in Recpetion using a camera and iPad. We hope this leaflet and photos help you understand the fun learning and high expectations we have in R/Y1.

Welcome New EYFS Families


It was a pleasure to meet you during last weeks meeting to introduce you to your child's firts year in school. If you were unable to attend, don't worry, you will soon be contacted to arrange home visits and if your child is in our linked pre-school, they will soon be having little visits to our R/Y1 class and from me to their preschool, to support a smooth transition.


Please find a link to a document that will help you and your child know what is expected of them when they start school. If they are not quite ready, we will support them and if they are confident in these areas we will give them supported challenges, so that all children can continue their individual learning journey.


We are looking forward to seeing you again on our whole school move up morning.

Phonics support


Here are some websites to help you and your child to learn phonics. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme.




Free games


Other support

Mr Thorne (Youtube) teaches phonics with his cheeky puppet friend Geraldine the Giraffe.



We are always happy to help you with any aspect of phonics in school.

Fantastic Fun with FOSS!

Art and Craft Club.

From Creepy Crawly Caterpillars to Beautiful Brilliant Butterflies!

We have been taking graet care of these insects to help them grow as we learn more about tthem. We have used drama to act out their life cycle, read instructions on how to care for them and listened carefully to others to learn how to feed them.

Hawk Class Assembly and Showcase.


Celebrating and sharing what we are learning with the whole school and our families.

Celebrating World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite story characters or authors.

We shared books from home or school with our friends in Y6.

The Easter Story

Today we welcomed some very special visitors to teach us the Easter story.

Using and making symbols helped us learn and remeber this  important story.

We feel very lucky to be part of the Shrewton community. Thank you for helping us learn.

Science Week 2018 in Hawk Class.

Investigating the quickest way to free an animals from ice.

Investigating snow and ice, freezing and melting, using magnifying glasses and the camera zoom.

Nest Building

Discovering that birds use all sorts of interesting things, including, herbs and rubbish, to buils their nests. We thought about what birds need and would like in a nest to build our own.

Celebrating our writing

Look at how much we have improved from September to February.

Thank you to Louise and her colleagues for visiting our class last week.


It was so exciting and interesting to hear all about your roles as a vets and nurses as well as the roles of the receptionists too. Thank you for answering all our questions and allowing us to explore the models of animals that you brought to show us. We especially enjoyed meeting Oz and Lola ,who were very friendly and well behaved as we took turns to listen to their heartbeats using a stethoscope.  Finally thank you for our magnets and the resources for the role play area. We are having lots of fun pretending to be real Vets like you. This is helping us understand the world better, look after animals and extend our language.

Meet the Vets of Hawk Class

Learning Phonics and writing in our inside and outside classrooms.

Learning about safe information sharing on the internet and what to do to keep safe with the help of a a song.

Welcome to Hawk class


We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to an exciting year of learning opportunities and experiences in our Reception and Year 1 class.


We would like to give a warm welcome to all the new Reception children and their families. We hope this first year of school is happy and stimulating as we work with you to help your child make good progress with their learning.


It has been lovely to welcome back last year's Reception children, as Year 1 children. We will introduce the Year 1 timetable gradually so it will be a smooth transition. Thank you for continuing to share your child's learning with us.


The assemblies, showcases and EYFS shared learning mornings will provide great opportunities to share your child's learning with you and for you to share all the wonderful things your child does out of school too.  We will also keep our class pages updated with photos and information.


Our class Teaching Assistant, Mrs Jackson and myself are looking forward to this year with your child. we will do our best to ensure they are happy, cared for and make good progression in all areas of learning.


If you have any questions, please ask. Questions are best at the end of the school day if possible as we are keen to make the most of every moment within the school day.


With best wishes,

Mrs Page


Looking forward to the Christmas Nativity!

Thank you for sharing our class assembly and showcase - we hope you had fun!

Having fun being spotty to help children in need.

Anti-bullying week 


Some of our school values are love and friendship so we thought about how to do the right thing with our friends, how to make new friends and how to help others.


Quotes of what children in Hawk class said, are coming soon...

Thank you Mrs Fieldhouse for helping us cross the road safely.


Our class had a surprise visitor this week, as we used our PSHE and Guided reading lessons to learn how to keep ourselves safe near roads. In guided reading, we have been learning how to use non-fiction books and about how these books can teach us new things. This linked to our PSHE lesson where we took turns to be traffic or pedestrians, while Mrs Fieldhouse kindly helping us to cross safely. Some of the traffic was quite speedy!


We also hope to practice what we have learnt in role play and ICT, through games on the website. You may be able to try these at home too as well as helping your child to understand some of the dangers of roads and how to keep safe both on foot and in vehicles.



Devizes Museum Educational Visit


As part of our topic, 'Old, New and Who Are You,' we are starting to explore toys from the past.


Today we had a fantastic, or as one child was quoted 'awesome' visit from Devizes museum. They brought lots of toys from the past including: Ancient times, Roman times, Victorian times as well as toys our and parents may have played with too. We we learnt how they were made, what they were made from, how they moved without batteries, who played with them and how. 


One of our favourite part was trying the toys out for ourselves. We also designed our own puppets which we can use with our puppet theatre and will talk more about how toys change over time next week.


Thank you for your contributions to help us run this educational visit. Our next one will be in the Spring term.


We hope you enjoy the photos from today.

PSHE and History: Learning about Guy Fawkes and firework safety.

Look what we found in the foggy weather this morning!

The children in Reception explored the foggy weather with magnifying glasses. They asked questions and excitedly talked about what they found. Using a camera to take their own photos they also compared spider webs and spiders that were dead or alive, exploring possibilities as to why. Through exploring and talking, these children are making sense about the world around them including, similarities, differences and changes. They also showed confidence to explore different areas of our school, were caring and considerate and showed ICT skills too. 

Learning with The Gingerbread Man


We have been using 'Talk for Writing' to learn the story of the Gingerbread Man then write it in our own words. Our sentences are getting better as we learn how to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops without being reminded as much.


We have also been exploring how non-fiction writing is different to fiction writing. By working together to read instructions, use tools and techniques, we created real Gingerbread people. Delicious! 



Today we showed wonderful team work and programming skills. We used patience and perseverence as we took turns and learnt to programme the BeeBot so it would visit each of our homes on our map to school.



Both Reception and Year 1 children have been enjoying a range of practical maths activities. 

Phonics and Writing


We follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme and are having fun as we learn the letters, letter sounds and actions.


We love stories in our class! So far this term we have been learning how to retell, act out and rewrite the stories of 'Knock Knock Who's There?' and 'The Gingerbread Man.'

This week we are looking at how recipe writing is different to story writing.  Hopefully we will be able to make a surprise recipe next week.