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Shrewton CE

Primary School

Powered by love; we believe, achieve, grow


I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.

Our Strategic Aims

Governing Body Strategic Aims

Strategic Aim 1: Every child a learner

This objective is about empowering our young learners to take a view about their progress and learning at our school. It is about helping them to grow as learners and to acquire the skills that will assist them of their lifelong learning journey.

The core of this strategic aim is that we have systems in place to ensure that learning goals are shared successfully and that learners are aware of the next steps in their learning.

Strategic Aim 2: Creative learning environment

This is very much about having a curriculum which matches the needs of the pupils of our school. The school will have a clear curriculum map and supportive assessment for learning which will ensure consistency, continuity, depth and breadth.

It is about making teaching and learning strategies more effective, developing leadership and management to ensure consistency across the school, ensuring planning is more dynamic with greater emphasis upon the needs of all the learners. It is about observing, sharing and reflecting upon good practice.

Strategic Aim 3: Developing the Shrewton Community

The school is an integral part of the community it serves. Its desire to be at the heart of the community it serves is of paramount importance. Working with its community partners to achieve a sense of community as well as with extended school partnerships to achieve projects and awards such as Sportsmark, Eco School and ICT award.