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I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.


Welcome to week 3 of Term 6! 

Wow, we are almost half way through our final term. If you remain at home learning this term, please find below a time table of topic based ideas to carry out during your days. Please feel free to do as much as you like! You might even like to dip in to some of the learning ideas set for the other classes! It is up to you! 


It would also be a fantastic idea to continue practicing your phonics and writing by using websites that I am sure you are familiar with; is a great one and you can find lots of lovely phonics videos and songs online to support your development here. 


Have a great week! 

Week 2 Term 6

Week 1 ~ Term 6

'Home Learning Hub' offer from Twinkl



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Don't worry about recreating school at home, but if you are looking for more ideas, or a way to add more of a routine to the day, you can find it here. Each day there is a new set of daily activities and experiences, and they are listed the day before in case you want to get prepped or set up. 


Happy Home Learning - playing and painting, baking, balancing and building, singing and shape-hunting, cutting and catching, inventing and investigating, laughing and loving! 




CBeebies Bedtime stories (comprehension questions)

Home Learning Pack (e-copy)