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I have for myself, for others and for community.


I am a good friend to everyone.


I can say sorry and show understanding when others make mistakes.


I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.


I don't give up and learn from my mistakes.


I treat others how I wish to be treated.


I am accountable for my actions and make good choices.

New Teacher Appointment

As you are probably aware, we are trying to keep our class sizes down here at Shrewton C of E Primary School and on Friday we were successful in appointing a new four-day a week teacher for our lucky Year 1s.

She shone at interview both in terms of her teaching and in terms of fitting in with the wonderful team that we already have here.  Her name is Mrs. Emma Ryalls and she will be starting with us after the Christmas holidays.

Obviously, it will be very sad to be saying goodbye to Mrs. Hunter (for now anyway!) but she will be leaving us for the minor inconvenience of expecting twins!  We all, of course, wish her all the best and hope to see her again soon.

Thank you.