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Whole School Topics

Our Creative Curriculum


At Shrewton we are passionate about delivering a engaging and creative curriculum that develops a range of skills and knowledge for every child. Each class has 6 topics each academic year which the focus for all of their learning and subjects. 


We work on a two year cycle to ensure children receive a rich and varied diet which extends and challenges their understanding and experiences.


Each topic starts with an engagement day to kick start their new topic and excite them about the learning ahead. This may be a dress up day, a school trip or a visitor into school.


Visit our school to find out even more about how we learn best!


Cycle A 2018 – 2019: Topic Overview


Term/ Class





Term 1

Do you want to be friends?

Land Ahoy!

Alchemy Island

A Child’s War

Term 2

What’s that sound?


Off with her head

Frozen Kingdom

Term 3

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Gods and Mortals


Gallery Rebels

Term 4

The Enchanted Woodland

Burps. Bottoms and Bile



Term 5

Dinosaur Planet

Road Trip USA

Scream Machine

Darwin’s Delight

Term 6

Memory Box

Scented Garden

Time Travellers

Hola Mexico!


Cycle B 2019 -2020:  Cornerstones Topic Overview


Term/ Class





Term 1

Will you read me a story?

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Traders and Raiders


Term 2

Do cows drink milk?


Blue Abyss

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Term 3

Are we there yet?



Blood Heart

Term 4

Moon Zoom

Urban Pioneers


Beast Creator

Term 5

Bright Lights, Bug Cities

I am Warrior


Tomorrow’s World

Term 6


Wriggle and Crawl

Misty Mountain Sierra

Fire Damp, Davey Lamps


In addition to our topic learning, we also have creative curriculum days where we learn about important things in our school, locally, nationally and globally. For example, in Term 1 we have had a British Values Day and Diversity Week - where we learn about significant figures in our history who influenced the world we live in. Next term we have Positive Behaviour Week and an Eco-Day where children can make recycled notepads.

Parents are always encouraged to get involved too. You can check our newsletters for any upcoming events that you are welcome to attend.