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KS2 SATs Results

Shrewton CE Primary 2017 KS2 SATs Results


We are very disappointed that our Key Stage 2 SATs results are much lower than we had anticipated and that a number of children narrowly missed the pass mark.


The results unfortunately show the impact of a number of years of inconsistent teaching which has led to children having knowledge gaps across the curriculum. Staff and children worked incredibly hard to fill in these gaps, and the children have gone to secondary school in a stronger position because of the work they put in.


2017 Key Stage 1 results are much more encouraging and show that improvements in teaching are having a positive impact on our children’s learning: Reading 86% (National 76%), Writing 73% (National 68%), Maths 73% (National 75%)


Our school leaders, staff and DSAT are committed to ensuring that the school continues to improve rapidly in order to make sure that all children meet or exceed their potential.


What we are doing


2018 predicted outcomes for KS2 and KS1 are broadly in line with national.  


  • Most significantly, since September 2017 we have had in place two skilled and very experienced new teachers in key stage two. Also, for the first time in a number of years all four of our teachers are now on permanent contracts. This gives us a firm base to help ensure that all of our children have access to the consistency and quality of teaching they deserve going forwards.


  • Writing has historically been our weakest area. We have adapted the school timetable to build more strength in this area by helping children to gain the specific tools and skills they need to progress to the best of their ability.


  • We are working across the school to help make sure all of our pupils, including those who need more support and the most able, learn to the best of their ability. We have been focusing particularly on scaffolding children who find learning challenging by giving them more tools and techniques to help them. We are also developing the way we support higher ability children in achieving a greater depth of understanding to ensure they also are continually challenged and develop to meet their potential.


What are our next steps going forwards?


The school hugely appreciates the work that the children, their teachers and parents are putting in to improve outcomes. Every bit of work the children put in now will make a difference, not just to next year’s SATS but to their learning at secondary school. We will ensure all children receive as many focussed learning opportunities as possible at school to help them be in the strongest possible position.


We will also ensure that, despite academic pressures, our children continue to enjoy and be inspired by their learning – as this is when they will learn at their best. This is an important area of focus for us going forwards across the school.


We remain focussed on continuing the school’s improvement journey, and in ensuring that our progress remains strong.


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