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Headteacher Lunches

A chance for you

to share your views about the school

with Mrs Taylor.

Headteacher Lunch

Thursday 28th September 2017


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Friendships.
  • New classes.
  • New teachers
  • Owl class – subjects are fun!
  • Owl class – we’re catching up in maths.
  • Maths tests – they show you what you’ve done well & what you need to improve.
  • Maths challenges.
  • Counting in 2s and 3s.
  • Playing with friends.


Suggestions for improvements:

No one had any clear ideas apart from longer play times!


Can you think of examples of when you or a friend have shown friendship to someone else?

  • When I fell over and hurt my knee my friend helped me and got Mrs Mitchell to help me.
  • I helped a friend to do their work and then they understood!
  • Year 6s helping the new children in Reception.
  • I sat next to someone on the Buddy Bench.

Thursday 22nd June 2017


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Great art work! Enjoyed the art exhibition and were very proud to see their work framed and on display. (Many said this)
  • English (Many said this too!)  
  • Yr 6 : Improvements in handwriting, presentation and expanding vocabulary.
  • Yr 6: Mastery  in maths.
  • Yr 2: Maths – I like sums!
  • Yr R: Writing and poems.
  • Our values day, especially the little people.
  • Yr 4: When we do English and History together.
  • Learning my spellings
  • Yr R: Playing outside

Suggestions for improvements:

  • Could we have lights at Shrewton’s Got Talent?
  • Give out golden medals (Yr R)
  • More toys (Yr R)
  • Write book reviews to help younger children to choose good books


What helps you to learn?

  • Teachers
  • Numbers squares and table squares – we have them on out tables to help us.
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary sheets
  • More words on displays
  • Listen to music when doing art to help us relax and be creative

Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Happy play times
  • School trip
  • Art
  • Friends helping when you fall over
  • Red/Yellow cards for football
  • Music with Mrs Goodman (Recorders!)
  • Playing Farmers
  • SATs practice
  • Learning to use story maps
  • Everything!

Suggestions for improvements:

  • More school trips
  • More outside learning
  • More sports
  • More days at school!
  • Saturday club
  • Fun learning after SATs
  • Drama club
  • Get rid of the stone path!
  • A slumber club – sleep-over
  • Cookery club
  • Music club
  • Athletics/running club


Can you think of examples of how we demonstrate our Christian Values of Friendship, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect, Forgiveness and Responsibility?

  • All children help each other. This happens in class and older children help younger children. This shows Friendship, Kindness and Responsibility.
  • Perseverance is very important. We all help each other to keep going.
  • When we listen to each other we respect each other’s point of view.
  • Sometimes people do things and they say sorry and really mean it. I try to forgive them because I might want them to forgive me one day.


Other comments

  • It’s a really good school.
  • People are friendly.
  • It’s not too big.
  • You can try new things and if you don’t succeed you can get help to try again.
  • There are lots of nice people.
  • Adults treat us well – we can trust them. We could tell an adult if we were worried.
  • Our learning prepares us well for secondary school. There’s not too much work – it’s just right and it’s still fun.

Monday 3rd April 2017


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Handwriting
  • Topics – especially Global Gardens and Egyptians
  • Working for KS2 SATs
  • Visit to Dorchester Museum
  • Adding and taking away


Suggestions for improvements:

  • More reading
  • More rugby
  • A gym club
  • Start the School Council again
  • More football
  • A party at the end of the year!
  • Take more care with football – watch out for little kids!


What would you say to someone who is thinking of coming to our school?

  • Our school is great - as long as you do as you’re told.
  • We have good learning times and lots of fun.
  • You learn a lot.
  • You’ll have good handwriting.
  • People are kind.


Monday 6th February 2017


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Everything!
  • Interesting and exciting Egyptian topic.
  • Headteacher awards.
  • Maths – money.
  • School lunches are better.


Suggestions for improvements

  • Use hall equipment more – climbing bars etc.
  • Wear spare shoes so we can go on the field even when it’s muddy.
  • Allow skipping in the corridor at special times as it’s a sign of joy.
  • More practical activities.
  • More art.
  • Not to go out to read during PE.
  • Improve laptops – they’re unreliable.
  • More adult type worship songs like ‘Shine Jesus, Shine’


What helps us to learn?

  • Other people.
  • Talk partners.
  • Adults.
  • Equipment
  • Interactive whiteboard.
  • The internet.
  • Having a good sleep the night before.
  • Hands-on activities and trips.
  • Quiet in the classroom.

Head Teacher Lunch Monday 21st November 2016


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Maths Day – especially the puzzles, assembly & maths games which help you to learn.
  • The Bridge Assemblies.
  • Our new school lunches.
  • English lessons.
  • New teachers.
  • Interesting topics
  • Science – learning about the body.
  • All of the caring and happy children.
  • Lots of children who will take care of you.


Suggestions for improvements:

  • More sports activities.
  • Whole school trips.
  • More drama.
  • More interactive lessons using laptops.
  • More science.
  • More independence in work.
  • 2 TAs in each class.
  • More Headteacher lunches.
  • Showing more work to Mrs Taylor.
  • Astro turf instead of grass so there’s more room to play.


What helps us to learn?

  • When I’m stick in maths I just get bricks to help me.
  • The teacher.
  • Enjoyable lessons.
  • Resources in the classroom – charts, line guides, displays etc.
  • TAs.
  • Partners.
  • Asking for help from a friend or teacher.

Headteacher Lunch 22nd September 2016


Things that have gone well this term:

  • Sports
  • New teachers
  • New learning
  • Being chosen for HT lunch!
  • Being on Superstars a lot.
  • Music and French
  • Learning more in maths.
  • Everything – I like school!


Suggestions for improvements:

  • Lines on the field to separate football so that there will be a skipping area, a hoop area, a throwing area etc during playtime.
  • Nothing – everything is delicious!
  • Longer benches so that more friends can be together.


Why is it important to try your best?

  • To make you feel better inside.
  • To get your work done.
  • To make you feel proud.
  • To help you learn. You learn by your mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you get a sum wrong. As long as you try your best you can learn from it.
  • So your Mum will smile and you will make her happy.


Headteacher Lunch 16th June 2016
Picture 1

Things which the children liked about our school:


  • The school fete.
  • Sports day.
  • Good play equipment.
  • The playground. (many agreed)
  • Art.
  • Maths – Hard sums!
  • Nice teachers and children.
  • Teachers are great.
  • Teachers make everything fun.
  • Adults cheer you up when you’re sad.
  • Learning is fun.
  • Hot dinners are great.
  • I like it when I make new friends.


Suggestions for improvements:


  • More after school clubs.
  • Eat outside if it’s hot.
  • A tree to climb.
  • A tree house.
  • A special place to dig.
  • Higher high jumps.
  • Astro-turf by the path.
  • More art equipment.
  • More science.
  • More school trips.
  • More sports equipment.
  • Bring teddies in if you’re wounded or sad.
  • A fun fair!


Tell me your views about Collective Worship.


  • I love the action songs.
  • It helps me to think of someone who died. (More detail given but not recorded here)
  • I like it.
  • It helps us to understand our values.
  • I know that God created everything.
  • I like the singing. (We could sing more!)
  • I like the stories. (We could read more!)
  • The candle reminds me of the sun and the son Jesus.
  • The candle helps me to think about someone who died. (More detail given but not recorded here)
  • I know what the Lord’s Prayer means.
  • Some people don’t’ sing and they should.
  • Get children to do their own prayers.


Headteacher Lunch 5th May 2016


Things which the children liked about our School:

  • Ta Kwando.
  • Football.
  • Sport!
  • Swimming and roly-polys in the pool.
  • Support from adults.
  • Lots of friends.
  • Science – especially the seeds from space.
  • Maths – we do hard stuff!
  • Sports day.


Suggestions for improvements:

  • More clubs – bike club or cookery club.
  • More playground equipment – skipping ropes.
  • A little more art.
  • More phonics.
  • 2 football pitches.
  • More monkey bars.


Why do we come to school?

  • We have to learn.
  • To be able to read & write.
  • To meet new friends.
  • To help us for our future.
  • To learn spelling.
  • SATs!
  • To sing new songs.
  • To meet other people.
  • To help us with the shopping.
  • To get a better job.
  • To do clubs.
  • To make our brains bigger.





Headteacher Lunch Thursday 14th April 2016


Things which the children liked about our School:

  • Playing on the field
  • Lots of friends in school                                                                                                
  • Using the parachute on the field
  • Writing stories
  • Nessy
  • Maths – I’m good at it!
  • Everything!
  • I like to make everyone smile
  • Monkey bars
  • ICT & laptops
  • Relaxing in the sun making daisy chains


Suggestions for improvements:

  • More football
  • Bigger playground
  • More playtime equipment
  • Use the climbing bars in the hall
  • More nature trips – Langford Lakes was amazing!
  • Be nicer to girls (Sometimes they get in the way of the ball and a game and they don’t mean to)
  • Mini goals on field so that KS1 can have their own football area on the field.
  • Go to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth
  • A school pet
  • Better toilets – they smell!


What helps you to learn in school?

  • When friends help you. (Most agreed with this)
  • Having no distractions
  • My brain
  • Teachers explaining things
  • Concentration and relaxation
  • Something that challenges me
  • Things on the wall
  • Having help when I’m stuck
  • Exploring

Headteacher Lunch March 2016

Headteacher Lunch March 2016 1

Headteacher Lunch

Thursday 3rd March 2016


Things which the children liked about our school:

  • P.E.
  • Maths games.
  • Maths – I like learning more.
  • Phonics.
  • Literacy – spelling new words.
  • ICT.
  • RE – About how Jesus died on the cross and came back alive.
  • Science – We go outside and learn new things.
  • Science – We do experiments.


Suggestions for improvements:

  • Pencil cases.
  • After school newspaper club.
  • More persuasive letters in literacy.
  • More time to write stories.
  • Better playtime rules.
  • Stop children walking on the plants – it hurts them.
  • Yr 6 to play over the road.
  • Walk bikes across the playground.
  • Put the school rules on the wall.
  • Bring back Golden Rules.


What would you tell a child who is thinking of coming to Shrewton Primary School?

  • It’s a nice school.
  • Teachers are not strict but they are fair and they listen.
  • There are lovely pictures in the hall.
  • We’ve got a balanced teaching system – a fair amount of teaching and a fair amount of play.
  • Our library is full of great authors.
  • There are monkey bars.
  • The children are happy.
  • Children do the right things.
  • The children are very helpful. We have a fun time

Headteacher Lunch February 2016

Headteacher Lunch February 2016 1

Headteacher Lunch

Thursday 4th February 2016


Things which the children liked about our school:

  • Playing
  • Science
  • Role play
  • People. They’re kind and get on with each other
  • The children are nice
  • Seconds at lunch time
  • Indoor games
  • Golden time
  • Playing on the field
  • Friends
  • Stop & Think board is working


Suggestions for improvements

  • BBQ in the summer
  • Ice cream van at the end of the day
  • More inside play time
  • Better cleaning
  • Sun beds
  • More choice for hot dinners
  • More history
  • Go to more plays/have them in to school
  • Games during the disco
  • Yr 6 to play over the road
  • Go home earlier
  • More golden time
  • Treasure hunt
  • Use play equipment more